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10 Ways to Get More yet Real Instagram Followers

Real Instagram Followers

I will create your Instagram strategies for 6 months? I will be your Instagram manager?

These above questions highlight, there are many freelancers, experts out there who claim to be the best in the field and also demand lot of money. However, if you want to hire these experts you need to first have an extensive budget. Secondly, you cannot fully trust them. What to do then?

You need to learn on your own if you are a small business owner or even a big business venture have to have understanding on how to work on Instagram.

Table of Contents

10 ways to Audit your Instagram account to get most of the followers. 1

What drives you to have an Instagram account?. 1

Invest in your Instagram feed. 1

Celebrate your 20k followers by hosting a giveaway. 2

How to effectively host a giveaway. 2

Create a content calendar full of ideas. 2

Ask your followers about post timing. 2

Try writing lengthy post. 2

Go Live on IGTV.. 2

Audit your Instagram name. 2

Be creative with Instagram stories. 2

Make your most of the stories highlight. 3

Talking about the popularity of Instagram, there are 1 billion monthly users and 8 billion business profiles according to college essay writing service. Instagram is easy and user friendly according to majority of the followers. And this is not something only said by us but the statistics shows a whole different story about how strong, powerful and capable it is for users.

Let’s so get cooking….

10 ways to Audit your Instagram account to get most of the followers

By auditing your Instagram account for the purpose of more followers is the best way to drive strategies and to spot what exactly is stopping you from having extensive reach.

What drives you to have an Instagram account?

What makes you think of promoting your brand on Instagram and what is the purpose of using Instagram as a source of marketing goal.

When you identify the sole reason of joining for example, many use Instagram for social aspect or others do it for brand awareness. Which of these two you rely on. Instagram is the pool of different business brand building and users both interacting in the same page. If you want to throw your account into a follower’s bubble then you need to achieve a strategic marketing goal to set the outcomes for the future.

Invest in your Instagram feed

Once a user opens your profile they first notice the picture, theme and color combination your homepage is showing. As said, first impression is the last impression, so you need to be careful in constructing a profile that set a part within your audience eyes. Your post will reflect what your brand is all about. Try to be vigilant in choosing the correct tone of voice, photos, videos and topics.

Celebrate your 20k followers by hosting a giveaway

Many influencers or bloggers usually host their giveaways when they reach a specific followers amount. However, it doesn’t matter if you have 20K or 1000 followers you still host a giveaway just to engage more followers to join.

How to effectively host a giveaway

The best way to start your giveaway challenge is to explain in a detail manner all the instructions followed to pass the challenge. Secondly, use graphics and color themes to show the gifts given in the giveaway, you can even make a video of all the items given in the giveaway as well. All the instructions of starting of the giveaway and when will it end has to be mention in the caption below.

Create a content calendar full of ideas

Every business need a content schedule and a calendar where content management team could easily track what upcoming content ideas has to be. This way it will help you with newer ideas and keep you ahead of the game as compared to your competitors. Whether you are digital marketing firm or a product base company you need to have a content marketing plan so that it could be flexible for you to add post on a regular basis.   

Ask your followers about post timing

Sometimes you post at a time of hours where very few audiences are online and your post then vanish among other latest post. You need to calculate the hours on which your audience are online by asking them what hours are suitable for you to post. This way you may get interacted with your audience and can have an idea of post hours.

Try writing lengthy post

First Instagram use to be a visually attractive social media platform where pictures and high quality images were the reflection. But now in 2020, things have been changed where underneath photos lengthy captions allow your audience to learn more about you, your brand and your mission. Influencers were the first one to adopt the trend of 2020.

Go Live on IGTV

Just like YouTube a biggest video streaming channel, IGTV is the Instagram’s small YouTube. Many brands are being creative with these IGTV series and making various interesting and informative content. The IGTV can be an incredible piece of art for showcasing DIYs, tutorials, and different kind of content that relate with your audience. 

 Audit your Instagram name

If you haven’t mention your Instagram name field, then now is the right time to do it. Audit your field with keywords related to your posts and overall brand personality. Do you know you can change your name field in your bio, without changing your username? 

Be creative with Instagram stories

Instagram stories are important, so posting it regularly is the best strategy to attract engagement. But how to make it creative. By the help of templates, Instagram gives you lot of amazing templates to share on your stories.

Make your most of the stories highlight

Highlights are good source of utilizing your content and delivering it to the users who haven’t been a regular follower of yours. It also gives you understanding on what exactly have done all these years and gives a crisp of brand image.

Ending Thoughts…

Instagram is the interactive, engaging and creative platform for personal use as well as businesses. If you really want to get indulge in Instagram, you and your employees need to play a part as a spokesperson by sharing content.

Author bio:

James Moose is the Instagram marketers and a content writer. He has been associated with best assignment writers for 5 years.

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