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10 Ways to Successfully Earn a Handsome Amount as a Freelance Writer

If you have decided to pursue freelance writing as a career, then you are certainly on a less difficult journey than most other professional paths if you have a splash of creativity and a talent for sketching interesting imagery with words. It is not an easy job but sitting down at your desk and typing out original pieces of writing cannot be considered an unachievable task.

The important question we are here to answer is that how can you become a freelance writer in the first place. Starting off is always the most confusing and least fun part of any job even if it is something you love doing. But before you become a successful writer you will need to go through some initial steps that will ensure you are making a mark in the world of freelance writing.

1. Starting a Blog

 Every writer must have a blog. It is one of the best ways to develop a writing style and an audience for the writing. Now we will move on to explaining how having personal blog will help in earning an income. A donate button or a sidebar ad can be added to your blog for that. Or including a “Hire me” link in your blog is also a good idea, to let the audience know that you can be hired for your writing skills.

2. Pitching a Guest Post

Everyone has some favourite blogs on their must-read list that they go through daily. If it’s the same for you, then pitching your favourite bloggers a guest post is something that you should consider to raise your income. There are many blogs that accept guest posts and also pay for them. Make yourself familiar with the posting guidelines of the blog and then pitch the guest post.

3. Pitching your Alma Mater

Alumni magazines are always on the lookout for writers and are most likely to choose former students to hire. When on the path to being a freelancer, get to know your alumni magazine’s pitching guidelines and go through some back issues before sending them a really unique idea they can’t refuse. Writing about your own experience as a college student and how it led you to a successful career path or even interviewing a fellow student who is attempting something incredible are topics of real human interest and the magazine is bound to accept them.

4. Writing a Listicle

Creating top 10 lists of anything from superhero villains to popular YA literature is a fun and clever way to up your game as a freelance writer. Many sites that thrive on them pay good money for listicles and other brief writing pieces of the same nature. All you need is a vast knowledge of pop culture to ace this job.

5. Self-Publishing

If there is a novel, a travelogue, a collection of poetry or essays that you have written, then you can get it easily published with Amazon Kindle’s direct publishing service. You can upload your book there and then write about it in your blog. Also do not forget to include an ad of the book in the sidebar.

6. Signing up for Content Writing

Content writers have to come up with a wide variety of articles ranging from guides to serious topics like politics or business if you want to see the best example of content take a look at 7$. These pieces are pretty straightforward and simple so they are ideal for earning a decent amount of money.

7. Becoming a Copywriter

Once you have some experience as a content writer, being a copywriter is the next required step. It is another fun way to write stress-free material like product copies and press releases.

8. Participate in a Writing Contest

There is no preference of beginning or professional writers when it comes to writing contests. Get some research done and prepare yourself to win cash prizes for your hard work.

9. Fan Fiction Writing

Amazon pays writers for putting together fan fiction about television shows. You only need to write more or less 10,000 words about any character and then you will be paid 35% of the sales your writing makes.

10. Employment Pitching

It might sound unbelievable but getting your first opportunity as a freelance writer might only require submitting some applications and waiting for the reply. It is recommended to reach out to some of the best uk essay writing companies there are and show them your ability with words and dedication towards work.


If you choose to use these ten ideas then each one of them will act as steps leading to the goal of becoming a freelance writer who is earning handsomely. Do not be disappointed if you face failures on the way and do not let them come in the way of writing more. The key to being a success at writing is to never stop till the aim is achieved.

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