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5 Leading Benefits Of Creating Animated Explainer Videos For Brands

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Running a business these days requires a business organization to have a solid and powerful online presence if it wishes to do well in the market. And the best way a brand or business organization can increase and improve its online presence is by adopting the latest trends in the market. And according to recent trends it has been observed that animated videos are one of the best tools for having a great online presence for a business organization or a brand. Having animated video content can prove to be a valuable addition to a brand’s marketing strategy.

Not only do animated explainer videos are good for your brand’s appearance but they also have many other advantages. Appearing good in the market for a brand is important but there are other aspects that need to be looked after as well. According to a highly experienced professional animated explainer video creator in UK animated explainer videos can help your business become quite profitable. Other than that there are 7 very prominent benefits of using an animated explainer video for brands and business organizations and they are as follows:

Gives your brand and your product a thorough introduction:

Animated explainer video, as the name suggests, is made with the initial purpose to introduce and explain your brand and/or product in just a couple of seconds. As we all know that according to the latest studies done on consumer behavior it has been observed that the attention span of an average person is only up to 8 to 10 seconds. This makes these animated explainer videos a perfect tool for providing information about a product or a brand that only takes a few seconds and provides a brief but thorough explanation about the subject. Most people have been observed to lose interest in the beginning of the content before the explanation even starts and this is why an animated explainer video is one of the handiest tools to keep your audience interested as long as they get the information that you want them to have. These animated explainer videos are one of the most compelling tools that help educate your target audience in the most effective and efficient manner.

Gives your websites a higher rank on Google:

This is something that will be very easy to understand for everyone and that is the fact that Google simply love animated videos. Therefore animated video content has a much higher chance or certainty of being ranked much higher in the google search results than any other type of content available on the internet. Some research results even say that having an animated video provides your website more than 50% chance of getting ranked much higher on the search engine results than by using any other form or type of content. The mechanics behind this are simple to understand, google basically ranks websites or web pages in the search engine results according to their total dwell time (the time visitors spend on your website). Now, this dwell time is more likely to increase with animated videos present on your website. The more animated videos on your website the more time your web traffic will spend on your website which will result in your website being ranked higher in the search engine results.

A great booster for conversion rates:

Every marketing campaign’s goals are to help its brand or business organization achieve a high conversion rate and generate more sales revenue and profit. Now, animated explainer videos are a great tool for your brands to achieve a high conversion rate. It has been studied by many experts that more than 70% of the people who visit your website or web page have a much higher probability of purchasing your products after watching an animated explainer video. The numbers speak for themselves and all these facts are based on data collected from thousands of online businesses. Animated explainer videos attract your target audience by providing them the necessary information they need about the products or services in the most engaging way that leads to an increase in the conversion rates.

They Provide a Higher ROI:

Did you know that it actually costs much lower to create an animated explainer video than to create and ad and posting it on different digital platforms? And according to latest statistics it has been proven that people are more likely to buy your products after watching your animated explainer video rather than watching your product’s ads. So, the return you get on investing on an animated explainer video is actually much more than the return you normally get by creating and posting ads all across the internet.

They help create a powerful brand:

By allowing your target audience to understand your brand and your products through an engaging and entertaining animated explainer video you help your brand to become unique and stand out from your competitors in the market.

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