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How to make a product video – 5 Tips for making better product videos?

product videos

8 out of 10 watchers are bound to make a buy in the wake of viewing a video about your item, what are you advancing or what are you selling? 

So what will be more useful than helping your clients to jump on an acquiring choice by making a tempting item video? You must have heard about media promoting, youtube marketing or video commercial. You can likewise gain proficiency with this brilliant method for showcasing under the Digital MarketingCourse as it will keep you updated and ahead of the competition as well. 

However, to make it simple for you here in this blog, we are sharing the top 5 hints that you can use for making an item video that looks only astonishing. 

Tip #1 – Find a focused platform that will compliment your item 

In films, it is said that your setting is your most significant character. Whatever your job is simply to play it entire heartedly however that doesn’t imply that you will say yes to the job that won’t coordinate your bore. 

So also, the job can be considered as a stage where you film your item video. It will subliminally say a ton regarding your item, notwithstanding when you won’t. 

Take some time considering where you need to film your video and what your area will say about your item. 

If you have a golf item to publicize, at that point you can’t advance your item in the cricket field. You need to take off to a green or on the off chance that you have a kitchen apparatus shoot in a kitchen. 

Picking where to film is perhaps the most straightforward approaches to make your item video look increasingly proficient. 

It costs you nothing but then it will highly affect the last look and feel of your item video. 

Tip #2 – Use the right settings on your camera 

setting of camera

Recording a video with a plan to make your item look great requires a decent camera for shooting and advancing recordings too. 

There are a couple of settings on your camera that will assist you with getting a more pleasant looking shot. 

Camera SettingTip #1 – Frame Rate for Slow Motion Shots 

If you need to add moderate movement shots to your item limited time video then you should shoot your video in at any rate 60 edges for each second. 

Only one out of every odd camera had this element. 

At that point when you are altering your video set the task document to 30 casings for every second. That way you can hinder your shots by half before seeing any deformities or skirting any casings. 

Camera Setting Tip #2 – Set your shade speed at any rate twofold your edge rate 

On the off chance that your shade speed is excessively low contrasted with your casing rate, it will make an odd foggy/fantastic look to your shot… Some movie producers utilize this impact purposefully for imaginative impact. 

Anyway, it isn’t perfect on the off chance that you need to show off some reasonable shots of your item. 

Camera Setting Tip #3 – Set your white parity 

On the off chance that you are utilizing “auto” mode on your camera then your camera will attempt to set the white parity for you… Some cameras will work superbly… others not really. 

On the off chance that you are utilizing manual mode, at that point remember to set the white equalization on your camera to suit your scene. 

This will get the hues to “pop” and ensure that your hues in your shot mirror the hues as, all things considered. 

Camera Setting Tip #4 – Keep your ISO low 

Expanding the ISO setting on your camera is a brisk method to build the brilliance of your shot… However, it can likewise make your shot look grainy.

This is increasingly recognizable on less expensive cameras. 

To keep your shot looking decent and clear bring down your ISO settings. `

You may need to utilize more lights or get your lights nearer to counterbalance the lower ISO… But it tends to be justified, despite all the trouble… Especially when utilizing a less expensive model camera.

Tip #3 – Set up your lighting to suit your item 


Lighting can recount to the account of our item. 

How you light your scene will subliminally pass on a message about your item. For instance: 

Here is a short secret limited time video that utilizations light splendidly to make the item look tough, courageous and puzzling… 

Correspondingly I needed my shots to appear to be more coarse and rough to suit the marking of the device I was advancing. 

I utilized two lightboxes to light my item and a third light trying to please the back set to make a slight inclination hope to expand the profundity of the shot. 

On the off chance that recording outside is cautious about cruel daylight. Once in a while on splendid radiant days, it is ideal to film in the shade to get s cleaner gentler light. 

Tip #4 – Filming 


Including development: 

Adding development to your shot carries life to your item video and can assist you with showing off the particular highlights of your item. 

I utilized four stunts for adding development to my item video. 

Turning Shot: 

For the pivoting item shot, I utilized a “languid Susan” or a “cake turner” to turn my item around in the shot. This stunt is extremely simple to utilize and can be exceptionally powerful. 

Raising Shot: 

For the raising shot of the item, I utilized my camera slider tilted sideways on my tripod. 

Moving in and out: 

If you don’t have a turntable or a camera slider, you can at present get some pleasant “dolly” shots utilizing only your tripod by shaking in reverse and advances on only two of the tripod legs. 


I additionally got some decent camera panning developments by gradually pivoting the tripod head. It is a lot simpler to get a smooth container on the off chance that you have a “liquid” tripod head which is explicitly intended for these kinds of developments. 

Hotshot what your item can do: 

Remember to show off what your item can do. Seeing your item in real life can enable potential clients to approve their buy choice. 

Tip #5 – Editing your item demo video 

“Cut the excess… But don’t keep down” 

The video I appeared in my demo was in reality just a little piece of the item demo video that I made. 

I generally urge individuals to remove as many superfluous shots. Be that as it may, don’t keep away from selling and clarifying your item. 

Genuine clients will tune in to each word you need to state because your item/arrangement is significant to them. 

I utilize Final Cut Pro X to alter my recordings. 

In any case, there are free programs that come prepared with your Mac or Windows PC that will work fine for doing an essential alter or your item demo video. 

Windows Movie Maker – Windows 

iMovie – Mac 

These are a portion of the tips that you can keep in your brain to advance your item recordings at various channels or to distribute your recordings on Youtube too. Each one of those parts of media showcasing, youtube advertising lies under the prerequisite of Digital Marketing Course. It will assist you with higher engagement and will allow you to earn smart as well.


So, to conclude, we would like to add that promoting your product with the help of videos is a smarter way to make the changes that you deserve. You can reach your targeted audience at ease and can make a lot from your efforts by using the specialized product video.

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