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5 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings Immediately

Improve SEO Rankings

For being visible to your potential customers, ranking on the first page of the Google searches is important. If you have an online business you must be familiar with the fact that 90% of the buying decisions start with an online search. It is the key to receiving good traffic. What more? Most of the online searchers don’t bother to go beyond the first page.

 According to a source, the second page records only 4.8% of the traffic and it further shrinks on page 3. So, where your business lies?  If you are struggling to make your website rank among the top searches then here are some strategies you can try for optimizing your rankings:

  • High Quality and Relevant Content

The engaging and relevant content on the website increases the dwell time. The dwell time accounts to the time the visitor stay at your website before leaving.  This is important as the increase dwell time symbolizes visitor’s interest in your brand and services. 2000 words Long and quality content deliver information in detail, which makes the customer, stay long at the website. 

  • Page Load Speed

Page Loading Speed is considered an important ranking factor by Google. The customers are likely to switch to your competitors if your website takes long to load. By streamlining the code, optimizing image size, minimizing redirects and reducing plugins you can optimize your page loading speed for the site to rank high immediately. 

  • Broken Links

Broken links account to a technical error in a website which should be prevented for better SEO result.  Great SEO companies focus on mending the website glitches for optimizing the website and increase the rankings. 

  • Outbound Links

Linking to relevant and reliable high authority websites can increase the engagement and traffic on your website. It will help the user access the additional information. The more relevant is your information, the greater you will be benefited.  Make sure not to add to many links as it may distract the viewers.

  • Header Tags

Breaking the header tags into sections improves readability of your content and the user experience.  It decreases the bounce rate and increases the dwell time as readers will be willing to spend time to read the content and return for more. Include relevant terms in your header tags heavily; this will boost up SEO rankings against those keywords.

This will send positive signals in terms of relevancy to the search engine. No doubt SEO can lead to boundless traffic but a great user experience can bring you amazing results within a short time span. Experienced SEO experts assist in by conducting a website audit and finding out the main loopholes on the website affecting rankings implement optimization strategy for making your website rank high in search engines. SEO Service in India provides fail-proof and advanced solutions for your website to rank among the top 3 searches on Google.

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