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XML sitemap generator tool is a very efficient tool for SEO. It is widely used by website owners around the globe. Without this, your website can’t rank in Google top position or you can say that without sitemap a search engine finds it difficult to discover all content on your website. So neither your website content will be indexed nor rank on top.

That’s why we have built a top-rated XML sitemap generator for bloggers or a sitemap generator for websites. All you just need is to use this tool and help google discovered your content.

What is an XML Sitemap?

A sitemap is a collection of all content in a website that is easily accessed by a Search Engines bot or crawler. Sitemap helps crawlers or bots discover all types of content in a website. Without a sitemap, it’s difficult for Google and other search engines to index website content. That’s why you need the best free XML sitemap generator tool to generate a sitemap of your all websites. A custom XML sitemap generator tool has more options to create the most effective sitemap for your website.

How do I create an XML sitemap for free?

It is very simple and easy to create by using our online XML sitemap generator tool. Just put your website in the URL box and select all options according to your requirement and just click on create. It’s done, our sitemap generator tool will generate your website’s sitemap.

Now you just need to copy these generated sitemaps and upload them to your website home directory.

How does an XML sitemap generator boost SEO?

Let’s understand how the XML sitemap generator tool boost SEO. Can you imagine without having your website content on search engine database will show on Google or any other search engine? Always your answer will be “NO”.

To get discovered your website content on Google or other search engines your website will need an XML sitemap. As above described it helps search engine bot to read and index your content.

You know if your URL is not yet indexed you can’t be found on search engines. This not only helps to rank a website also, but you will also need on-page SEO, and off-page SEO to rank. But it is a part of technical SEO.

So now, without wasting any time use the best XML sitemap generator online tool and generator sitemap free.