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Content Marketing Strategy for 2020: Ways to make a successful content

content marketing strategy

With this year ending, we have faced numerous changes regarding Content Marketing, and even more, is yet to come. This succeeding year, Content Marketing is said to become even more important, considering that content creation and distribution is to change thoroughly.

“Content isn’t King; it’s the Kingdom.” 

In the above quote, Leo Odden has rightly said that content is an entire Kingdom and not just the King. It means that content does not revolve around an individual or a rule, but instead, it surrounds your business.

Thus, keeping the above in mind, we’ve tried to envisage a few Content Marketing Strategies for the coming year, and they are as follows:-

1. Content Marketing Strategy:

Focus on better storytelling- It is believed that storytelling is the primary component that sways upon a human and significantly affects their behavior. The readers are considerably moved when they find something relatable. 

How to use this strategy?

Now let’s talk about how to use them- Social listening and examination is one of the best ways to get to know people. Through such analysis, you will gather knowledge regarding the dislikes and likes of the people. To learn about great content marketing strategies, you can try a course for the same at Digital Edge Institute

2. Building trust among the User-Generated Content:

We all know that there is already extreme publicity regarding the UGC. It is believed to be the future of content in brand marketing because it is the most trustworthy form of content. 

How to use this strategy?

 Using UGC is a challenging task to do and might often seem like an impossible task to do, but the best solution is to use a UGC platform to help you further with this.

3. User-Engagement with Visuals:

We are all very familiar with the fact that social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are taking over the Internet. Visuals are ruling all over social media these days. People create and share visuals as per their interests.

How to use this strategy?

Visuals are appealing to the eyes, and as a marketer, one must use Social Media Platforms and other Digital Technologies to get the best out of Visual Content Marketing. If you wish to learn the same, you could try at Digital Edge Institute. They are best known to give the best courses for content marketing and many more.

4. Building Strong Relationships through Personalization 

Customers are more attracted to your marketing if you provide them with contents that are personalized according to their needs, interests, tastes, and requirements. It also helps in building a strong bonding or relationship with us.

How to use this strategy?

Through social listening, we can personalize our customer’s requirements. Through this, we can create content according to their likings for our campaigns and, thus, creating more interesting content for your customers. According to yokellocal, Karl Wirth, CEO, and Co-Founder at Evergage believe that marketers will become the champion for great customer experiences by providing relevant expertise to each individual. 

5. Topic-based Content builds better Authority

We all like to read when the content provided is basic and straightforward. None of us wants to keep reading unwanted material, which is extraneous to you or any other reader. We preferably read those contents that provide us with the most relevant results, and so, it is the utmost importance that we keep the content short and simple for the reader’s convenience.

How to use this strategy?

Creating content that is straight to the point is quite easy. We can use such a tactic to attract more users. Usually, readers are more likely to prefer contents that are shorter in length but provide the exact information they are looking for. One such example is the Topic Cluster

“When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?’ Quoted by Ann Handley makes much sense when you solely care more about your customers. When you write, you must keep in mind that you are writing for the betterment of your customers and not just the sake of your promotion.

Let’s Get Ready For 2020!

Content Marketing might seem like a hectic work to do in times, but with the help of the above strategies, you mustn’t feel much frantic about it. However, always keep in mind that you should keep it real with your customers. The more people can relate, the more people will prefer to read your content and, eventually, will return to read more content by you in the future. By doing so, you will not only be attracting customers but will also promote your content. Thus, good luck with that!

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