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COVID-19 has certainly toppled the economy of the world!

This year has been a struggle for many business owners. Most  have simply shut down the business due to lack of profits, whereas some are still pondering over their lines of action in their hustles.

Here are some grave consequences of COVID-19:

  1. Drowning of startups

Covid-19 has certainly drowned the dreams of many new ventures. The main reason for these startups to shut down is – lack of workforce, lack of efficiency, lack of resources, and lack of liquidity in cash reserves. These reasons are significant contributors to loss of business, and hence these baby ventures are left with no other option than putting a full stop to their journey.

2. Zero profit margins

Many companies find it challenging to reach their daily target sales. Additionally, many of them receive zero profits per day. Almost 56% of companies have witnessed a significant drop in their sales and leads.

3. Insufficient operating resources

The workforce has become an issue due to COVID-19. Many companies are running the show with limited players in their team. Sadly, the increasing operating costs have forced many companies to lay off their employees.  

4.  Worst hit sectors

Even though many sectors are affected by COVID-19, the tourism and travel sector are the worst affected. These segments are responsible for contributing around 12% to the world GDP, which can be considered a significant share.

5. Confusing data analysis

The government has allotted a select budget for specialists and marketers to study the trend of marketplaces and businesses. Even though the specialists are toiling day and night over determining, various factors related to the declining world economy, there are many factors left for later discovery.  

What action are SEO professionals taking in support of clients?

Few experts interviewed a handful of content specialists and SEO professionals and asked them how they are dealing with their clients in this current crisis scenario. Read below to find some key points of the discussion:

  1. Being an advisor

Many SEO professionals have the opinion that they need to act as advisors for their clients and help them by providing affordable SEO packages and suggestions to improve their businesses.

2. Being a mentor and friend

SEO professionals are supporting their clients not as an agency but by being business guides and providing insights on “how to keep their businesses running even in this time of crisis.”

3. Helping them recover the stress

It is an indisputable fact that COVID-19 has shaken the roots of many businesses; hence, SEO professionals are merely supporting their clients by motivating them psychologically to overcome the stress.

4. Clarification on online marketplace concept

Many local businesses ran offline. After this crisis, it has become impossible for minor vendors and business owners to regain their customer base. Hence, SEO professionals are introducing them to the concept of selling their products online.

5. Ways to make money

Many SEO professionals have offered to counsel their customers about new methodologies of starting their business online and promoting it through digital marketing.

6. The new idea of online streaming

The best idea SEO professionals have come out with to help their customers is – to start an online platform and conduct live streaming of videos. This will help them publicize their content and promote their businesses.  

7. Set up long term goals

SEO professionals continue to focus on making their clients understand the importance of long term planning for their businesses.

8. Real-time examples

Many SEO professionals have developed a new technique for educating their clients. They explain to their clients using real-time examples so that clients understand them in a better way.

For instance – SEO professionals are advising their clients to differentiate between online and offline business.

9. Explaining their game of strategy

Helping clients in the long-run has been the centre of attention for all SEO professionals. Currently, many of them are explaining their clients to choose a part of their existing hustles and build a website to represent it. SEO professionals motivate their clients to develop a long-term strategy that involves a majority share of the business that runs online.

10. Increasing leads through links

Linking out online or using social media to draw customers to visit business sites is one of the best options to date. Sadly, many business owners are unaware of these factors and continue losing their money over the business. The team of SEO professionals is hell-bent in convincing their clients and explaining to them the importance of creating an online network.


We all know COVID -19 is a long battle. Even though many scientists are working on eradicating it from the world, it has caused a huge loss to every business sector. Thanks to these SEO professionals who have joined hands to educate clients about the upcoming SEO trends and improving their businesses.

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