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Easy Guide to Enhance Search Results with Proper Structured Data

structure data

The importance of structured data surfaces as the major weapon which rules the search engines. Structured data, in short, means acquainting search engines with the content of your web page which gives them a clear insight what your page is about. It is important for Google to understand your content which will help drive more traffic to your website along with improving user experience.

Structured Data – A Short Intro

For gaining insight into a page, Google tread on 3 formats of in-page markup which includes JSON-LD, Microdata and RDFa. The structured data varies with search features. For a complete understanding, you can learn basics of structured data which will help you know the whole process in a detailed way.

Accuracy is the key to rank well on search engines, structured data should be framed in complete sync with relevancy to drive more traffic on the website. 

Statistical Analysis of Structured Data 

If your website pages completely sail on the parameters of what the user is looking online, it definitely reaps desired results. Here are some statistical figures which justify the importance of structured data. 

  1.  100% increase in YOY growth of traffic was recorded from search by Eventbrite by leveraging event structured data 
  2.  Jobrapido witnessed a 115% increase in organic traffic having considerable work experience with Google. He encountered a decrease in bounce rate by 15% for Google visitors to job pages along with a 270% increase in new registrations from organic traffic.

There are only a few SEO Agency in India that are using structured data/Schema Markups to implement the best SEO practices. So, if you hiring any SEO company in India then make sure to ask them which Schema markups, they are capable to implement on your website for better and sooner organic results.

How Structured Data is Used?

A properly structured data sails on the wheels of highlighted content, proper highlighted product information and most the important one- the brand awareness. Now, see how these 3 manipulates the search engine in an organic manner-

  1. Brand Awareness

Promotion of brand with structured data comes with many interesting features to try which include local Business, Logo and Sitelinks search box.  Along with optimizing your website with perfect structured data you can verify your business on Google My Business which will display a complete overview of your business on Google and will help your customer contact you directly with the information provided.

  1. Highlighted Content

You can promote the content on your web page making your web page look completely structured by proper Review, Questions and Answers, Article, Event which the browsing experience flawless for the user and generate engagement over your website. 

  1. Highlighted Product Information

You can add structured data for your merchandised product by mentioning the price, reviews, availability along with genuine ratings and reviews.

This is how you can optimize your structured data for your website page to gain relevancy over the search results and drive maximum traffic to your website.

Common Structured Data/Schema Markups Codes

  1. Review Rating Structure Data
review structure data

Review and Rating structure data play a very critical role in increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate) for any website. Once its code gets implemented properly and being indexed by the crawlers then your search result appears something like this in the SERP.

Review Schema Code: 

<span itemprop=”aggregateRating” itemscope itemtype=””><span itemprop=”ratingValue”>5.0</span>/<span itemprop=”bestRating”>5</span> based on<span itemprop=”ratingCount”> 7 </span>Google My Business Rivews</span></span></center>

  1. Breadcrumb Structure Data and Schema
Breadcrumb Structure Data

Breadcrumbs allow users to track their steps while browsing it. They can reflect the structure of your website, a logical path or attributes of the current page. Below is an image that will help you understand how it work in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Breadcrumbs Schema/Structure Data Code:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


  “@context”: “”,

  “@type”: “BreadcrumbList”,

  “itemListElement”: [{

    “@type”: “ListItem”,

    “position”: 1,

    “name”: “Page Path 1”,

    “item”: ” Page Path 1 URL”


    “@type”: “ListItem”,

    “position”: 2,

    “name”: ” Page Path 2″,

    “item”: ” Page Path 2 URL”


    “@type”: “ListItem”,

    “position”: 3,

    “name”: “Visitors Current Page”,

    “item”: ” Visitors Current Page URL”




  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Schema

FAQ Schemas/Structured Data have recently come into trend and now almost every website is applying this FAQ structured data to increase their Search Snippet size in the first page of Google.

The key point to note is, FAQ structured data work only in the first page results and if your website is ranking on 2nd page then you will not see it. Although, the Review & Rating schema works on all search result pages.

Here’s how the search result comes up for this:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Schema/Structured Data Code

<div itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

<div itemprop=”mainEntity” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

<h4 itemprop=”name” >Your Question Heading Here</h4>

<div itemprop=”acceptedAnswer” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

<p itemprop=”text”><strong>Answer:</strong> Your Answer Here</p>




<div itemprop=”mainEntity” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

<h4 itemprop=”name” > Your Question Heading Here </h4>

<div itemprop=”acceptedAnswer” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

<p itemprop=”text”><strong>Answer:</strong> Your Answer Here </p>



Important: The Tagging code: <div itemscope=”” itemtype=””> will be used only once for the entire page and you can put <div itemprop=”mainEntity” itemscope=”” itemtype=””> multiple time for every FAQ title.

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