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How to Build your Blogging Audience on Facebook?

Facebook marketing

When we register for a business page on Facebook then it means we want to grow our blog by building an audience. The reason to choose Facebook is that it has an audience of over billion users so when your blog is on Facebook then you can avail the opportunity to grow big. Sometimes it also happens that when you’re already on Facebook, your content doesn’t get the response that keeps your blog out of reach.

Here, we will share a few ideas to grow your blogging audience through Facebook. But before we start, know that you must have a Facebook page because it’s through the page that you’ll get the chance to interact with a huge community.

1. Add the Facebook Plugin on your Website

The only way to gain recognition on Facebook is by letting people know that you exist there. So, on your website, add a Facebook icon so people can immediately connect you there by liking your page. This will show visitors that you’re available on Facebook, and you’re also reachable. Link your Facebook page on your website and keep your page active so people can come there and don’t feel that you’re inactive.

2. Keep Sharing Content on Facebook

Once you have published your blogs on your website, the next step is to promote it everywhere. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. So, start by sharing content on Facebook with a captivating caption. After you have written a long, detailed, and research-driven content, post it on Facebook with a caption about the content and why people should read it.

The caption is important because if you post the blog without any caption, there are high chances of people ignoring your content. If you’re new to blogging, then you should also include the hashtags with your Facebook caption.

3. Engage in Facebook Groups and Communities

Facebook groups have the most engaging audiences than your Facebook page. So, search for the groups which are relevant to your niche and become a member. It’s also a part of Facebook marketing. By becoming a member, you’ll get the access to post in the groups and share your blog. But know that while you post in the groups, you should strictly adhere to the group policies because some groups have strict community guidelines that every member has to follow.

In addition, your post should also sound relevant to the group audience. It will help you to create engagement in the comments section. Also, you should give a prompt reply to the comments you’ll receive on your post because that will help you to draw more engagement.

4. Add it as your Workplace

A lot of people searching you on Facebook visit your profile to see where you work. So, it’s a good time to add your Workplace on Facebook and tell them that you blog on this site. You can also ask this to other bloggers who blog on your website to grow your website reach. By letting people know about your business page, you can also send them an indirect invitation to like your page.

5. Include it in your Email Signature

Email marketing is the best tip to grow your blog readership. It’s also the best way to grow your Facebook audience because when you include the Facebook link in your email signature, the audience can also like you from there knowing that you exist on Facebook. Create a professional email signature, write your designation, and the other social accounts to show people that you exist everywhere.

6. Promote it to the Right Audience

You can miss the engagement on your post if you choose the wrong audience to promote your page. So, always start from choosing your target audience and then market the content to them. By promoting your content to the right people at the right time is also a great marketing tip to grow your audience. If you don’t know how to start Facebook marketing, you can also take help from any digital marketing agency to get you on the right track. But whatever you do, know that you can grow a massive audience by being consistent on Facebook.

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