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How To Quick Fix The Common SEO Mistakes? Here’s The Solution!


Making mistakes in SEO is quite common, especially among beginners. But it becomes harmful when you do not fix the mistakes and expect an appealing result in the end.

SEO in digital marketing is an effective marketing technique that can bring your website to the top of every search engine result page. It can enhance brand visibility and spread brand awareness across a wide audience.

However, things go otherwise, when you implement some wrong SEO techniques in your business. Prefer to hire the top graded services of the SEO agency in Delhi and observe the outcome.

In this article, we will point out the mistakes that you usually make in SEO and how to fix them without any hassle. Note them down.

5 Common mistakes that need a quick fix

  1. Duplicated Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are not meant to rank a website but definitely used to educate the viewer with its short, crispy, engaging notes. These descriptions help the viewers to decide whether they need to land on the website or not.

    Many a time, marketers, in order to stand with the competitors, used duplicated content. Such mistakes not just resist them to stand out from the competition but event decrease the click-through rates.

    How to fix: To fix these descriptions, move to the backend of the website CMS and make the changes online. Make sure you include the targeted keywords in the content.

    Descriptions are usually of 160 characters. Keep this in mind to follow the Google guidelines.

  2. Wrong targeted keywords: Choosing targeting keywords is a headache, which leads to a blunder for marketers.

    Wrong keywords in SEO drive the wrong audience, which in turn increases the bounce rates and lower down the conversion rate for the marketers. Therefore, fixing the wrong keywords is a must-needed thing in SEO.

    But how?

    How to fix: Target the long-tail keywords, instead of choosing the short ones. Long-tail keywords carry sufficient information about the brand or product. They hit the target more and reduce the competition level to a great extent.

    Do some extensive market research to find the targeted keywords that can rank the page and drive 91.5% of search traffic to your website. This is the most significant part of SEO. Missing out on this will turn your business upside down.
  3. 404 errors: Does your website contain “404 Page Not Found” pages? A 404 error creates a bad impression among the visitors. A potential customer when land on such pages becomes frustrated and decides to look for some other alternatives to attain the objective.

    Some common issues that trigger such cases are –

    Page not found
    Products no found
    Pages have been deleted
    temporarily out of stock
    The link that doesn’t work

    How to Fix: Fixing error pages is pivotal. But how? Keep an eye on the pages that are loaded with such issues. To view these pages for an e-commerce website, go to Webmaster Tools account, select ‘Crawl’, and then ‘Crawl Errors’. Find the pages and restore them as quickly as possible.
  4. Poor technical SEO: Poor technical SEO is another mistake that can ruin your digital marketing. The technical issues that you must take care of are slow website speed, issues raised due to XML sitemaps, 302 temporary directs and 301 permanent directs, orphan pages, poor indexability, mobile-friendly sites, etc.

    How to fix: The best way to fix this is by performing a technical SEO audit. Tools like SEMrush are usually used to perform SEO audits and improve the factors that affect SEO.

    Look for an expert who is specialized in performing this kind of audits and improve your technical SEO.
  5. Not tracking your campaign: You have fixed all your mistakes, but still, there is something wrong with your SEO. Is this similar to your scenario? Then probably you haven’t yet used a tracker to monitor your SEO campaign and you are finding it hard to measure your SEO results.

    You can’t make improvements or prove a successful SEO campaign unless you introduce a campaign tracker. An SEO monitoring tool like SEMrush monitors the SEO factors measures the results, and improves your SEO campaign accordingly.

    How To Fix: Using SEMrush you can assess the following factors –

    The volume of your search traffic.
    Keywords that are ranking the website higher.
    Backlinks you have.
    Competitor research.

    To check whether a particular web page is performing well or not, a monitoring tool is definitely a requisite.


No matter how long it takes, it is always recommended to use the right SEO technique and implement the correct way to market your business online. Remember, the faster you want to grow, the more you will make mistakes. There it is better to keep patience and enhance your business gradually.

Trust the companies that offer white hat SEO techniques and hire their services. The reputed white label digital marketing agencyis ready to help you in generating more sales.

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