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Search engine optimization is the techniques of increasing the rank position of a website on the search engine. SEO can be categorized into two parts one is On-Page SEO optimization and another one is off-page SEO.

On page is used to optimize the web pages to rank higher on google and it’s the first step of doing SEO. and Off-Page is used to building high-quality backlink to boost the ranking.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization is the very first step in SEO and it is the part of managing onsite content. On-page is very important in SEO without optimizing your website content you can never lead google the first position for longer. There are several things you need to optimize in on-page SEO which is listed below.

1. Heading (H1, H2…….H6) Optimization

2. Meta Tags optimization (Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Meta Robots)

3. Content Optimization

4. Keyword & LSI Placement

5. Alt Tag & Image Optimization

6. Url Optimization

7. Internal and External Link Optimization

8. Robots.txt file generation

9. Sitemap.xml file generation

10. Site speed optimization

11. Google Analytics & Webmaster setup

Off-Page Submission

Off-Page submission is the techniques of building high-quality backlink for a website to boost the ranking on the search engine. It is also called off-site SEO. Outside our web pages, we create some backlink on another website. The backlink is supposed to the backbone of SEO and both are interdependent. one can’t give more value in Seo without the other. So On-page and off-page are important in SEO.

When we talk about Of page SEO so there are several techniques used to acquire a backlink from another website those are as follows.

1. Search Engine Submission

2. Social Bookmarking

3. Profile Creation

4. Web 2.0 & Blog Post

5. Article Submission

6. Press Release Submission

7. PDF, Image, Video, and Infographic Submission

8. Forum Posting and Question Answering

9. Blog commenting

10. Directory Submission

11. Guest Post

These all things have its own importance in SEO whether Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0 or Blog Commenting. Do all the things strategically to improve better your search ranking.


By following the above guide and techniques you will be able to rank your website higher on Google and as well as on other search engines. While doing SEO keep in mind that all techniques are important so do each one in a better manner.

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