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The Latest Digital Marketing Trends For The Year 2020


A digital marketing company is an ever-changing phenomenon where you will see new trends and practices almost every month. With the turn of the year, you will see a complete change in terms of digital trends and so is the case for the year 2020. The landscape is quite different from what it was at the start of 2019 January. That said, you cannot stay unaware of the latest trends otherwise you would be watching your competitors getting far away from you. So rather than being left behind slowly, you learn about the latest digital trends in 2020 and make the most of it.  

Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Shoppable Social Posts

This is one trend that is about to burst out in 2020, don’t get me wrong, it has been there for more than a year now, but it is now that it will totally change the landscape of online social commerce as we see it.

As there are social media users increasing every day and businesses trying to reach their users in the most convenient ways, the use of the shoppable post is going to increase significantly this year. On Facebook, Instagram and other social channels online businesses are taking eCommerce to a whole new level. The understanding that more users are now active on social platforms has made businesses add a more seamless online shopping experience.

Now users won’t need to jump to websites or other platforms to buy what they want. This helps in decreasing the bounce rate and allows us to cover a larger target market.

Messaging And Social Media Apps

You can never rely on any digital trend to stay in fashion and so is the case of approaching your customers in a more formal manner. The days of email are getting blurry all of a sudden with the turn of the year. More importantly, the use of social media channels and apps to stay connected with your audience and strike a relation is the way to go.

So, in 2020 businesses that remain active and engage their customers through messaging on social channels will definitely see more success in every way. It is about getting more personal and friendly with your customers, get them to know you and how you really are. This will bring more users close to you and display more transparency.

Casually seeking out your audience and engaging in their queries, in the same way, is the new professional way to conduct business online.

Raising The Voice Of The Consumer

Technology is making your audience’s voice heard in the most spectacular way you can ever think of. They no longer need to go through a whole process on websites and other channels to order what they want, with assistance voice technology they can just lie down on the sofa and order what they feel like without using their phones.

Voice searches are increasing every day, more than half the world population is using voice search to conduct daily internet searches. Businesses who made their websites optimized for voice searches are ones that will get the upper hand. This is the golden opportunity for online businesses to take advantage, once your competitor takes hold of your audience, it will be a long time before you can strike that relationship with your customers again.

Believe it or not, voice search is getting important every day, better make use of it now..

Telling Stories Instead Of Sharing Posts

Stories have become quite popular among the social media population, people are more involved in sharing their short stories than uploading posts after posts. The best thing about stories is that no matter how many you post, it never feels like spam.

So, as a business it should get you to thinking, why not get involved with your audience in the same way? Stories are a wonderful and quick way of getting your target audience to see what you are up to. With engaging and attention-grabbing stories you can make a brand advertisement that will certainly be worth your audience’s attention.

Stories also provide a great platform to display your important promotional activities to a larger audience and even direct them quickly to your website. The information may contain:

  • Coupons
  • Promotion codes
  • Sale information

Video Content to get more consumers involved

Detailed and engaging content has always been useful and is still quite important. But when it comes to content that moves and demonstrates, nothing beats that. You got that right, video content is becoming more and more important by the day.

There are some who like to read but the majority want to be entertained and learn more quickly. When you put this into perspective, video content serves as the best solution. Creating engaging videos that have all the necessary information compressed in it and with a touch of humor will get you an invaluable amount of customers and online traffic.

Believe it or not, videos are wonderful, fun and totally the latest trend.

SEO structured data

There is no second opinion among the experts that Google is paying more attention to the use of structured data and rich results in their SERPs. That is Google is working to get this streamlined across all platforms and devices as we are reading this.

As Google wants to provide its users with the quickest and most relevant solution, the use of schema and structured data markup is getting more important by the day. Believe it or not, structured data is going to become even more important than keywords and content.

In the year 2020 Structured data will be the top focus of all SEO experts. This will surely help websites with a better click-through rate and a much more bounce rate. This will allow users to understand what is on the website better, even before they visit the website.

That said, you can now find many plugins and different CMS such as WordPress and Shopify with plugins that support the streamline integration of structured data markup.

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