Guidelines to publish a post

In order to publish a post here, you must fulfill the guidelines to publish a post in case your content will be rejected. Excited to publish?

Read full guidelines carefully to get publish your content.


Content should be original, unique and plagiarism free.

Content should be meaningful, storytelling and user intent.

Content length should be more than 800 words.

Content Niche

Content should be very relevant to this website and from one of this website category like SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Development, Web Hosting Etc. Before writing any piece of content for this website please make sure category. In case irrelevant post from this website will be removed.

Content Optimization

Content should be well optimized for SEO.

Use of Heading (H1, H2) is the mandate

Must pass the readability and SEO score of Yoast plugin.

Image and Visual Content

Must have a featured image for post with dimension of 1200*675, compressed.

Use images in your content to attract more audience if needed.